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Please note: Values and results are guidelines only. Your injuries and recovery are as individual as you are. The awards are guideline amounts only and any settlement will be based upon the evidence of medical practitioners.

N.B All cases are judged individually based on the circumstances.

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All claims submitted to our accident claims calculator receive an equal degree of attention from our highly-trained legal team. We take accident claims very seriously, and shortly after leaving your details with us we will be getting in contact with you to discuss your injury, your accident claims, and how you would like to move forward. We deal with accident claims on a strict No Win No Fee* basis; ensuring that financial stresses will not be cause for hesitation in pursuing your accident claims.

We hope that when we contact you to discuss the particulars of accident claims, you choose to pursue justice with our accident lawyers. We have years of experience in fighting accident at work claims, slips trips and falls claims and road traffic accident claims. You can rest assured; justice and fair compensation are our greatest passions, and we will fight your accident claims with every took at our disposal.

So when we contact you to discuss your injury claim and how you wish to proceed, we understand that it is entirely your decision whether to pursue accident claims or not. However, we strongly recommend that you choose to fight for your accident claims, knowing that the accident lawyers at Personal Injury Claims 4 UK are fighting your corner.