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To use our site effectively you will need to accept our use of cookies, which are designed to improve user experience. This is the same whether you are accessing the Personal Injury Claims 4UK site from a PC, tablet, mobile phone or any other device.

The cookies we use do not store any personal information such as contact details, rather they store personal preferences to enhance your experience on this site. If you wish to disable cookies you will need to view the specific instructions for your browser on their ‘help’ menu, although you may experience a reduction in functionality of the site if you do.

See below for further information on cookies and how they affect you.

What is a cookie?

These are small text files, given to your browser by the server you are visiting to view a website. They enable the website to recognise requests from the browser and can often be essential for successful operation of websites. They can, on some sites, be used to track user behaviour, but do not transfer any personal information or identifying data between the website and the browser.

How long do they last?

Depending on the website you are visiting, the cookies that are generated by your visit may last just for the duration of time you are on the site (known as a ‘session’ cookie) or much longer, sometimes as long as 10 years.

Who controls cookies?

Some of the cookies on this site are set by ourselves and are used for website functionality. These are known as ‘first person cookies’.

There are also cookies present on this site and others that are not the responsibility of the website owner. These cookies, known as ‘third party cookies’ are controlled by other web entities and users should consult that companies website and policy for information about these.

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