Personal Injury Claim

personal injury claim form on desk.

Millions of people are injured every year ranging from accidents at work to tripping on potholes and faulty pavements and in many cases someone else is at fault and the accident victims therefore have a right to make a personal injury claim. There’s a lot of stigma surrounding personal injury claims but if you’ve suffered through the negligence of someone else then why should you have to suffer and be out of pocket because of it?

Suffering from an injury can have serious effects on your life and even a minor injury can prevent you from living your life in the same way you did before including not being able to drive if you’ve hurt your foot, not being able to cook and carry items if you have hurt your hand or not being able to sit or lay comfortably having sustained a back injury.

Making a personal injury claim can be a daunting and often complicated process but with the help of a specialist solicitor the process will seem straightforward. Before even committing to making a claim they’ll run you through the process of what will happen, roughly how much you could look at getting and how long it should take, and from there they’ll do most of the work you’ll only need to speak to a few people on the phone and sign a few forms. It’s likely that you won’t even need to go to court to settle your case because for most insurance companies this is so expensive it is hardly worth it.

Our expert personal injury claim lawyers understand that compensation can help you get the support and care you need and cover any costs you may have lost out on if you were unable to work or had to pay out for medical treatments or prescriptions. What you do need to remember is that your health is the most important thing and accessing the right treatment, medical care and rehabilitation is the first thing you should worry about doing.

When you decide to make a personal injury claim it’s important to know that your accident must have happened in the past three years and it must have required you to seek medical attention otherwise it’s likely your claim won’t be valid for compensation. If you fall into these categories and the accident wasn’t your fault then you could be eligible to make that claim. Your solicitor will assess your claim as an individual depending on the information that you provided and work on a no win, no fee* basis (sometimes called a Conditional Fee Agreement) which means that if your case loses your solicitor won’t require payment for their services so there’s no risk involved to you. In the likely case that you are awarded compensation your solicitor will get paid from the other party, typically an insurance company.

Making a personal injury claim needn’t be stressful or difficult so let Personal Injury Claims 4UK guide you through the journey and use our years of expertise to get you the maximum compensation amount possible.