I’m not sure if I can make an accident claim

If you’ve suffered an injury in the past three years which wasn’t your fault then all you need to do is fill in an online form or call our helpline for free expert advice. Our experts will advise you on whether or not you can make a claim based on circumstances.

How do I make a personal injury claim?

With Personal Injury Claims 4UK all you need to do is contact us, give us the details of the accident and we will do the rest. All cases are fought on a No Win No Fee * basis with the best specialist solicitors to give you the best chance of getting compensation. We will always be honest with you when we advise you throughout the process.

My accident happened a while ago…..

As long as your accident happened within the last three years you are entitled to claim. However the quicker you start the more chance you have of a successful claim.

Do I need to pay anything to start a claim?

No, you don’t. Our cases are fought on a No Win No Fee * basis so you don’t pay us anything to start a claim. This means we can help more people begin their claim.

What if I lose my accident claim?

No Win No Fee * means if your case is lost you don’t have to pay a penny.

What does No Win No Fee * mean?

No Win No Fee * (sometimes called Conditional Fee Arrangements) takes the risk out of claiming and means there are no upfront fees to claiming. If your case doesn’t win then you don’t need to pay anything to your solicitor and if you do win your solicitor gets paid, usually from the opposing teams insurance.

How much could I receive?

Every case is unique and depends on the circumstances of your injury. When awarding compensation the law takes account of your individual circumstances and assesses your losses due to the injury. This can include pain and suffering, loss of earnings, medical care, out of pocket expenses and more. The calculator on our page will give you a guideline of how much you could be earning.

Who actually pays the compensation?

People sometimes worry that if they are claiming against their employer or someone that they know that they will leave the other person out of pocket. This isn’t the case. Anybody that you could claim from (employers, local councils, drivers) are legally obliged to have insurance to cover the cost of any claims made against them.

Will I have to go to court?

It’s unlikely especially when liability for the accident isn’t disputed. The vast majority of cases are settled without any need for court attendance.

How long will it take?

Every case is different with how long it takes. Simple cases can usually be settled relatively quickly but some cases (particularly serious injuries) may take a bit longer. Your solicitor will keep you updated and we will work as quickly as we can to get you the maximum compensation you deserve.