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Working to claim compensation couldn’t be simpler. Just fill in the details of your injury claim into the claims calculator to the right, hit ‘Find Out Now’ and in a matter of moments you will see the average payout of claim compensation in cases such as yours. Shortly after leaving your imformation with us, you will be contacted by a member of our dedicated claim compensation team, with whom you can discuss the particulars of your claim and how you would like to proceed.

We treat all claims on an individual basis, so the decision of whether to claim compensation is left entirely up to you. We do however hope that you will choose to pursue justice, and want you to know that we have fought to remove as many barriers between you and just accident compensation as possible.

All of our accident solicitors work on a strict No Win No Fee* basis, meaning that in the scenario that your claim is unsuccessful, you will not receive a legal fee for our unsuccessful attempt. Many do not attempt to claim compensation for an accident at work, a road traffic accident, slips trips and falls and any other number of injuries sustained due to another’s negligence due to fear of financial repercussions. When you’re suffering from a traumatic injury, it is not unusual to find yourself in an unfortunate financial situation. With our No Win No Fee* policy, we hope to have removed the greatest anxiety most feel experience when considering an attempt to claim compensation.